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Sunday, September 28, 2008

PTA Website Builder: The Features

We are often asked by people interested in our PTA website builder exactly what it does and what's its capable of. In an effort to answer some of our most frequently asked question we have listed below, the primary features of our PTA website builder.
  • User Friendly Interface - Trouble free navigation with easy to find resources makes our PTA website builder simple and fun to use.

  • Infinite Pages - Users of our PTA website builder are pleased when they learn that they can create an unlimited number of pages for their website. With no restrictions on the number of pages a user can create, users are free to add as much information as they like to their website.
  • Simple Editing - You don't need to be a web virtuoso or know HTML to work with our PTA website builder. We have designed a user friendly interface that allows for the easy additions of virtually any type of file, and text edits.

  • Website Color - With a few simple clicks of your mouse the color of your website can be changed to match your company's theme, or colors.

  • Login Manager - Our PTA website builder allows an administrator to create accounts for individuals that give specific permissions as to what they can and can not edit.

  • Header Graphics Tools - Our header graphics application allows you to create a custom header image that you can use to show off your company logo and theme as well as direct visitors to important pieces of information.

  • Calendar Tool - Through our PTA website builder a user can create a calendar that lists important days and events. Visitors can access important information through this calendar by clicking on a specific date or link.

  • Form Builder - Forms are an essential part of any website, especially those of a social nature and those used primarily for communication. Or software allows for the easy creation of forms giving users the ability to create their own form fields and required information.
With all of these tools at a users disposal its not hard to see why so many schools have adopted our technology. Should you be a school interested in our PTA website building software please contact us!

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